William Parker/Kidd Jordan to release Palm of Soul

After spending most of last year gathering live material for what would become 2005's free-jazz masterpiece Sound Unity, Parker returns on June 13th with his first proper full length of 2006 (let's not count the hit-or-miss "Long Hidden" sessions). Recorded in Brooklyn in September, Palm of Soul is a Afrobeat-inspired free improvisation composed and arranged by tenor sax virtuoso Kidd Jordan. According to the tracklisting, nobody better touch his chicken wings:

1. Peppermint Falls
2. Forever
3. Living Peace
4. Unity Call
5. So Often
6. Resolution
7. Last of the Chicken Wings

As he usually does, Parker is going to be playing the bass and other assorted percussion instruments, and will be accompanied by the wonderful Hamid Drake, who also produced the record. When it comes to all-out rhythmic domination, not much comes close to the Drake/Parker tag team.

Check it out:
William Parker / Hamid Drake / Kidd Jordan


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