Sufjan Stevens, Thom Yorke material out today: nobody cares?!?

For the first time in many, many weeks, I'll be making a trip to the record store to buy CDs the day they come out. Remember Blessid Union of Souls? I bought that "Hey Leonardo" album the day it came out too. And it was awesome.

So what's on tap? A lot -- in particular, Thom Yorke's long-anticipated The Eraser and Sufjan Stevens's lovely bundle of outtakes, The Avalanche. There's also new stuff from Muse and David Bazan if you really want.

I've been especially perturbed by how much everybody hates these two records -- especially The Avalanche. Alright -- even though he's awesome, you can hate Thom Yorke if you want (I guess) -- but can you really rip on a fucking outtakes album? The guy released it because people like me are out there who will claw somebody's eye out for the last LP. Give him a break -- he's just giving people what they want.

So here's the evidence against buying the record:
All Music tells Sufjan to shut the fuck up in a special feature called "A Case Against Sufjan Stevens"
Pitchfork Media explains that this record is "useless" (seriously).
Stylus Magazine compares The Avalanche to the notoriously shitty The Spaghetti Incident (Guns 'n Roses) here.

Here's the evidence for buying the record:
Stream The Avalanche


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