Antonio Carlos Jobim gets reissued

Antonio Carlos Jobim, the self-proclaimed "Brazilian Gershwin," will finally get the reissue treatment for his early work, via experimental jazz/soul label DBK Works on June 27th. The albums in question, The Wonderful World of Antonio Carlos Jobim (1965), Love, Strings, and Jobim (1966), and A Certain Mr. Jobim (1967), have all been long out of print, and never available on compact disc. Thankfully, the digital-savvy world will able to get their fix of the king of bossanova. Dig:

The Wonderful World of Antonio Carlos Jobim
1. She's a Carioca
2. Agua de Beber
3. Surfboard
4. Useless Landscape
5. So' Tinha de Ser Com Voce
6. A Felicidade
7. Bonita
8. Favela
9. Valsa de Porto das Caixas
10. Samba do Aviao
11. Por Toda a Minha Vida
12. Dindi

Love, Strings, and Jobim
1. Eu Preciso de Voce
2. Preciso Aprender a Ser So
3. Seu Encanto
4. Tristeza de Nos Dois
5. Razao de Viver
6. Berimbau
7. Samba Torto
8. Chuva
9. You
10. Imagem
11. Morrer de Amor
12. A Morte de Um Deus de Sal

A Certain Mr. Jobim
1. Bonita
2. Se Todos Fossem Iguais a Voce
3. Off-Key
4. Photography
5. Surfboard
6. Outra Vez
7. I Was Just One More for You
8. Estrada do Sol
9. Por Causa de Voce
10. Zingaro

With all the hubbub recently around other important Brazilian artists such as Os Mutantes, Tom Ze and Joao Gilberto, it really surprises me that Jobim's name hasn't come up. His contributions to the country's musical landscape is unparalleled, and probably will never be matched.

Antonio Carlos Jobim: Clube do Tom


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