Harvey Danger sign to Kill Rock Stars, plan awesome comeback

Harvey Danger, the band that brought us 1998's suprisingly delightful "Flagpole Sitta", have signed to indie label Kill Rock Stars and planned the release of their fourth album, Little By Little. The double album, apparently their most ambitious work by far, will see the light of day on August 22nd. Until then, the band will be making a few stops on the West Coast, including a date in Eugene, Oregon, with MxPx and Stroke 9. Jesus christ, it really is still 1998.

Anyway, here's what frontman Jeff Lin had to say about the record in an interview with Information Typepad last September:

"We’ve written a few new songs that we’ve played the couple times we’ve played out. Currently our focus is going to be on writing new material and recording material for a new album. We’re going to be working with producer Steve Fisk, and we’ve booked time in October. As far as future plans go, it all hinges on how the material turns out. I think if you look at the history of the band and how we’ve worked, we always work best when we focus just on the music-making process. We stopped working in that way when the commercial success hit (there were so many other distractions, other issues that came up), so I’m excited to see what happens now. Everything else follows from the work, and I think we’re back to a point where there’s much less distraction so that bodes well."

My favorite part about this band is that they got so goddamned famous with a song on Never Records. Have you ever heard of it? Because I sure haven't. And yet they're still rocking it on an indie. Good for them.


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