Akron/Family recording new album with help from Hamid Drake, Broken Social Scene

I spent most of 2005 either running around Boston trying to convince people to like Akron/Family or bringing the band buckets of vanilla granola backstage. Between their first Boston show at Great Scott's and their second at P.A.'s, Akron/Family got really good live. And still no one came.

Despite an avalanche of critical praise and a blistering live show, the band is still struggling for air in the free-folk scene. Hopefully the fact that they are releasing their sophomore album this fall will change those damn Pitchfork-worshipping hippies opinions.

The album is tentatively titled Akron/Family is Empty, and is slated for a late September release. Not only will the sessions feature the ferocious guitar playing of band mentor/former Swans circus freak Michael Gira, but it will also feature special performance from all-around jazz hero Hamid Drake, as well as contributions from their buds from Canadian indie rock collective Broken Social Scene.

According to Pitchfork, that's not all for the band. Akron/Family is planning to enter the studio after their record release show in September and before their December tour to start recording on another new album. These guys just never fuckin' stop. Watch out Sufjan!

12/06 - Somerville, MA - P.A.'s Lounge

Akron/Family - Official Site


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