Ben Chasny tours, records a lot

Ben Chasny, the freewheeling guitar lord behind free-folk juggernaut Six Organs of Admittance, is planning on spending most of the spring and summer releasing records and touring the United States. On May 23rd, we get his collaboration with Joe McPhee session drummer Chris Corsano and TVBC guitarist Paul Metzger, titled Split. The only thing record label Roaratorio will offer us about this release is that it's "short and sharp." Thanks.

On June 13th, Chasny offers us his first full length since last year's superb School of the Flower. This one's called The Sun Awakens, and, according to an interview with Everything is Fire, is "more relaxing and rich than its predecessor." As usual, the record will be released by Drag City in the US. Tracklisting:

1. Torn By Wolves
2. Bless Your Blood
3. Black Wall
4. The Desert Circle
5. Attar
6. Wolves Pup
7. River of Transfiguration

Lastly, Chasny will launch his first American tour that will play somewhere that isn't an art gallery. On July 7th, Chasny will be coming to the Middle East Upstairs, a place where we've come to expect high school bands to warm up in, and occassionally Matt Pryor. Ah well. Better than the Zeitgeist.

07/07 - Boston, MA - The Middle East Upstairs


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