David Thomas Broughton/Doveman trek across America, reverb pedal stock soars

David Thomas Broughton has the tape loop skills of Thurston Moore and the croon of a young Antony. His latest record, The Complete Guide to Insufficiency, has already gotten near the top of some early year-end lists, and many consider it to be one of the most creative records of the year. Doveman continues to be greatly underappreciated, and despite the brief success of last year's The Acrobat, still can't manage to headline anywhere that merits promotion. Still, the pair have decided to take their show on the road, with a stop in Boston.

7/8 - Somerville, MA - P.A.'s Lounge

Last year I had the chance to see Doveman and The Robot Ate Me in some dude's basement in Jamaica Plain. I'm regretting that now.


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