Four Tet set to release DJ-Kicks compilation

As if doing some serious rocking out with James Brown's drummer and releasing two live albums wasn't enough for 2006, Four Tet wunderkind Kieran Hebden is the next in line to contribute to !K7 Records legendary DJ-Kicks series. The twenty-one track mixtape is slated for a June 26th release, and will feature everything from 60s soul to French pop to straight up drum n' bass. Gangsta.


1. David Behrman - Leapday night (scene 1)
2. Syclops - Mom, the video broke
3. Curtis Mayfield - If I were only a child again
4. Heiner Stadler - Out-rock
5. Gary Davis - The Professor Here
6. Heldon - Les soucoupes volantes vertes
7. Stereolab - Les yper sound
8. So Solid Crew - Dilemma
9. Akufen - Psychometry 3.2
10. Animal Collective - Baby day
11. Madvillain - Figaro (st101 remix)
12. Julian Priester + Pepo Mtoto - Love, love
13. Four Tet - Pockets
14. Model 500 - Psychosomatic
15. Shona People of Rhodesia - Taireva
16. Quickspace Supersport - Superplus
17. Cabaret Voltaire - Kneel to the boss
18. Gong - Love is how y make it
19. Showbiz & AG - Represent
20. Group Home - Up against the wall (getaway car mix)
21. Autechre - Flutter

Not only will we get to hear Kieran somehow mix Curtis Mayfield with Animal Collective, we'll also get "Pockets" - the first new Four Tet song since 2005's Everything Ecstatic. If you aren't into the whole mixtape thing, but still want to hear "Pockets", Domino is planning to release it is a 12" sometime this August. Kieran promises that this is "the only new Four Tet material this year", so treasure it.


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