Beyonce, Bonnie "Prince" Billy announce September releases

In strangely similar fashion, former Destiny's Child Beyonce Knowles and indie folk hunchback Bonnie "Prince" Billy have announced their plans to release albums this fall. According to Billboard, "the world's hottest woman" has set September 4th as the release date for her sophomore effort, to be titled B-Day. The first single, "Deja Vu" will hit airwaves this summer. It's produced by Jay-Z. Surprise, surprise...

Two weeks later, Drag City will issue Bonnie "Prince" Billy's 6th studio full-length, titled Then the Letting Go. This clears up a lot for those of us that thought that he was in Iceland and not recording an album. Not much is known about the new project, other than that its first single, "Cursed Sleep", will be released as a 7" and CD EP in July. According to Pitchfork (who did very rudimentary investigating) more details will be released on the Drag City website in the coming weeks.

For now, enjoy the Will Oldham of yore:
Will Oldham - "Death to Everyone (Live)"


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