The Curtains sign to Asthmatic Kitty, Chris Cohen quits Deerhoof

Three-piece twee poplets The Curtains announced yesterday that they will release their fourth album, Calamity this fall via Sufjan Steven's Asthmatic Kitty label. The band, a self-proclaimed "crossover jazz band without the improvising" proudly bear their influences on their sleeves, playing off the innovation of Devo, Captain Beefheart and the Velvet Underground. I can hear some Deerhoof in it too, which I guess shouldn't surprise me, as their drummer, Chris Cohen, happens to be Deerhoof's bassist. Or should I say Deerhoof's former bassist.

That's right. With the news of the Curtains signing came the news of Chris Cohen's departure from the cutie pie indie rock band Deerhoof. "This is the band that I've always done on the side (I started it with my friend Trevor before I ever joined Deerhoof)," said Cohen on Deerhoof's MySpace page, "and I feel a real strong pull to go and perform our new material live and focus all my energy into that. I hope you all understand." We understand, Chris.

Additionally, Stereogum reports that Deerhoof has recently posted a nine song EP on their website, which includes covers of the Beatles, My Bloody Valentine, Canned Heat, and more. I've heard the Beatles in Spanish, German and French, but never Japanese (or with the word "panda" in it). It proves to be Cohen's last recorded material as a 'Hoof.

The Curtains - "Fletcher's Favorite"
Asthmatic Kitty - The Curtains Calamity Page
Deerhoof - Nine Song EP