Sub Pop, Secretly Canadian announce release schedules

Two of indie rock's most influential (and quite frankly, best) record labels have announced their summer and early fall release schedule. Sub Pop gives us new music from The Album Leaf, Comets on Fire and The Thermals, while putting out the debut releases of Brazilian samba-punk outfit CSS and Allentown, Pennsylvania noise bath aficionados, Pissed Jeans. Secretly Canadian sticks to the basics, with a new one from Songs:Ohia (this time under the Jason Molina moniker) as well as a double album from Windsor for the Derby. The full roster is below:

Pissed Jeans - Don't Need to Make Myself Disappear 7" (June 6)
CSS - Cansei de Ser Sexy (June 13)
Wolf Eyes - The Driller 7" (July 25)
Comets on Fire - Avatar (Aug. 8)
The Thermals - The Body, The Blood, the Machine (Aug. 22)
Chad vanGaalen - Skelliconnection (Aug. 22)
Rosie Thomas - If Songs Could Be Held (Sept. 12)
The Album Leaf - Into the Blue Again (Sept. 12)
Dead Moon - Echoes of the Past (Sept. 12)

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness - According to Plan (July 11)
Windsor for the Derby - Calm Hades Float / Minnie Greutzfeldt (Aug. 22)
Jason Molina - Let Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go (Aug. 22)
Early Day Miners - Offshore (Aug. 22)
Rhys Chatham - Trumpet (TBA)

There are also some rumblings of a new Shins album in late fall. That would be nice.


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