Everybody likes Missy Elliott

Last night, I was smoking a cigarette in Harvard Square with my good friend Mark, who happens to work with Mission of Burma. Over veggie burgers, he revealed to me that Roger Miller is a HUGE Missy Elliott fan, and happened to spin a few of her songs in a very short DJ set in Cambridge last week. (He also provided me with an advanced copy of The Obliterati, more on that later.)

Today, in a completely unrelated manner, I stumbled upon David Byrne's archived radio shows. In the month of October of last year, the Talking Head only spun Missy Elliott songs. I shit you not. Fact check me here.

So then, I just started googling "Missy Elliott" and "Indie". What came up surprised me a lot:
1) Interview with Bonnie "Prince" Billy- "I always buy Missy Elliott records on the first day they’re out."
2) Jarvis Cocker Talks Bono, Missy Elliott
3) Zutons cover Missy Elliott

Should it surprise me? I mean...Missy Elliott is a fantastic pop star. I respect anybody who has the balls to dress in an extra large garbage bag and do the Freddie. Or, in general, be a woman in the atrociously sexist hip-hop scene. I'm thinking of finding a couple of tracks and shimmying. If David Byrne can like her and still know more about Latvian techno than any human being alive, I can too.


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