Sonic Youth/Flaming Lips to play Boston!

Celebrate, hug your mother, rejoice, whatever. According to the official SY site, Sonic Youth and the Flaming Lips are coming to play Boston in September at the Bank of America Pavilion. Sonic Youth will be touring to support Rather Ripped, which comes our way on June 6th, and the Flaming Lips are pretty much just touring for the hell of it. We can't blame 'em, nobody can ever seem to get enough.

09/03 - Boston, MA - Bank of America Pavilion

Was I the only one who saw Sonic Youth do "What a Waste" on the season finale of Gilmore Girls? Coco Moore must be a coke addict already.


Anonymous Ian W. said...

My roommate (Max G.) attempted to catch SY on the Gilmore Girls finale, but my other roommate (Fatass) was watching the Sox game, and in the midst of a bitching match about which was more important, we ended up missing the performance. Oh, the humanity.

6:54 PM  
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